I love mornings! My mornings are innocent, quiet and nothing bad happened yet. The first hour of my day is the most important one! It’s the time where I fuel my self with a good breakfast, positive thoughts and motivation to drive me through the rest of the day. I believe in ‘what you think and feel, is what you will attract’ so if I can get my mindset right the first thing in the morning I’ve done my part to start the day properly. I am the first one up in the morning, my boyfriend wakes up just before I leave which suits me perfectly. I’ll eat my breakfast, drink a coffee or green tea, get ready and leave. That’s not the important part though, it’s the next 30 min in the car when I drive to work. 30 min that is all mine. Its 30 min on a beautiful English country road, especially at this time of year when the trees are covered in red, yellow and green leaves. There are fields on each side of the road filled with cows and sheep grazing and not much traffic. Absolutely stunning drive!

I am a very competitive person, I worry a lot, I often think very negative about my self and my skills and the worst part, I compare myself to other people! All of the above is what I try to eliminate in the morning. Desperately trying to get my mindset straight! Negative thoughts do nothing good for you. Every one of us has them but if you don’t do anything about them I believe they can do a lot of damage to you!

Usually I listen to my favorite music on my drive, singing along, dancing a bit, forcing myself to smile even if I don’t feel like it. A lot of the times it works! It’s like you can fool your mind to think you are happy and I always arrive to work with a genuine smile on my face! One morning I decided to spice it up a bit, I found this motivational speeches playlist, it took me some time before I could listen without laughing.. It is very american! Power music in the background and a semi angry man yelling motivational quotes. After some time though, it got me going. My adrenaline started to flow and I felt my focus getting sharp.

I arrived to work more motivated than I been in a while. Of course the moment I turn off my car and walk in to work 80% of what I just felt is gone, but its not about that! Its about those 30 min, in my car, where I feel motivated and happy. Fantasizing about all my goals, how its gonna feel when I have reached them, how my goals are worth everything I go through but most importantly, enjoying my drive, the view and appreciate what I have in the now as well

Of course I’m not a super human and I do wake up some mornings wishing the day long gone, nonetheless I will force myself to listen to these stupid speeches or smile and dance to my favourite songs the whole way to work. I will make it my No. 1 priority to try and change my mood in those 30 min. Even if it doesn’t work I made an effort and that is one accomplishment so early in the day 🙂

Keep smilling x